Factory Special order Sharps Model 1878 'Long Range' Rifle with Freund Sights

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This 'Long Range' was specially ordered from the factory with open hunting sights fitted in addition to the target sights in their original case. I have a 'factory' letter from Dr. Robert L. Moore describing all special features - sights and no fitting of a heel sight mount, etc. The hunting sights are the famous Freund 'More Light Sights' as invented and made by F.W. Freund & Bro. famous frontier gunsmiths of Colorado and Wyoming. The rifle is also chambered for the .45-120-3 1/4" ctg. favored by Freund for 'Express Rifles'.

Condition: 98% original blue, 98% original casehardening, 98% original stock finish & original leather covered Sharps sight case.

Provenance: The original owner was a prominent NYC merchant who ordered this rifle to use on hunting trips in Colorado and Montana in the 1870s and 1880s. I aquired the rifle from a descendant of the original owner in 1971.