GALAND Model 1868 12mm Revolver


An excellent example of the rare Charles F. Galand 1868 revolver in 12mm Perrin caliber.

The Galand was an early breech loading military size revolver. Its great point of interest is its unique trigger guard activated extraction system wherby the trigger guard acts as a powerful lever to move barrel and cylinder forward on the cylinder arbor while acting on the extractor ring to remove cartridge cases from the cylinder. In the early days of soft copper cartridge cases a powerful extraction mechanism could be important. Galand revolvers were used by the French, the Russian Navy, and the Romanian government.

Though Galand was French most of his revolvers were produced in Belgium. The Galand is a very finely made revolver. Its design requires expert machining of close fitting mechanical elements. The Galand revolver is also very well finished and must have been a costly firearm when new. This, and its ability to function in deserts, jungles, and other tough environments may account for its rarity today.

This Galand revolver is an excellent example of its type retaining well over 90% of its original nickel finish (there are a few 'brown spots'on the backstrap and over the 'CFG' Galand mark) with 'fire blued' screws and nicely grained walnut grips. The bore is fine and the action is tight and crisp as new. This is an excellent condition example of a rare revolver well known to collectors of nineteenth century breech loading arms.

A concise history of Galand revolvers may be found on Wikipedia Internet Encyclopedia (Click Here for more). It is reputed that Col. George Custer carried Galand type revolvers at Little Big Horn, and we have included a picture of actor Eli Wallach testing a Galand in the classic film 'The Good The bad And The Ugly!

This is an antique revolver and may be shipped directly to collectors....except NYC, NJ, and other localities discriminating against antique arms collecting. Buyers are responsible for abiding by their state's firearms regulations. We will ship only within the USA. To benefit foreign buyers we will ship this arm to fully licensed firearms exporters within the USA.

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