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Fine Antique American Field Artillery Breech Loading Signal Cannon

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An exceptional American field Artillery signal/salute cannon, circa 1890 ,modeled on the US Army Model 1885 3.2" Field Gun.

During the 19th century signal and salute cannon designs were often based on the full sized guns used by the military of the countries where they were built. If the cannon were constructed from large or complex forgings and castings which required heavy industrial machinery not usually available to civilians it is likely the cannons, such as this one, were built at government arsenals or by builders of the full size guns and intended for presentation to military officers and politicians for promotional reasons. American examples of this form and period are rare.

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This great looking cannon shows top level design and craftsmanship. This cannon varies from most of the signal/salute cannon we have seen in that it was built to fire 20 guage blanks. The majority of breechloading signal/salute cannon we have seen are in 10, or 12 guage size. We surmise this gun was built in 20 ga. to maximize its exceptionally fine proportions, or whoever it was made for didn't want the blast and noise associasted with a larger shell.

This beautiful and impressive little cannon has a very strong screw breech with spring loaded firing pin. The barrel is forged steel, the carriage and wheels are cast iron, and trunion covers + axle mounts are brass. The cannon is in excellent condition. The barrel retains 95% original blued finish. The barrel ring and breech block are natural steel with excellent light age patina, the brass fittings have excellent color/patina. The carriage cheeks are blackend cast iron with lighter rims, and the rest of the carriage and wheels retain over 90% of their original paint. It would be quite difficult to upgrade this cannon

A fine and rare American antique cannon for themilitary and/or Americana collecto.r

Dimensions: overall length 23", width 11", height 11", barrel length 14", 20 guage bore

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