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Vintage 1920s set Of Chinese Brass Military Miniatures - Toy Soldiers

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A seldom seen set of 14 Chinese military miniatures which, judging from uniforms & equipment represent either Chinese Republican troops , or War Lord soldiers from theperiod 1910 - 1920s. This set was discovered in a Newport estate some thirty years ago and was stated as having been brought back from China by a retired US Naval officer many years prior to that.

We think these 'toy soldiers' were made either for the children of foreign military/naval officers stationed in China, or for the children of Chinese officers.

The set consists of one officer with sword, three mounted cavalrymen, two machinegunners, and eight infantrymen (one of whom is missing his base). We have no way of knowing if these 14 pieces represent a complete 'set' or if they are the survivors of a larger group.

These miniatures are reasonably well cast and chased with some detail. The pieces are in fine condition with fine aged brass patina. In our thirty two years experience in the antiques business this is the first such set we have encountered and we think they are a rare group for the collector.

Dimensions: Average Height 2 1/4"

Price: $75.00

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