Period 1935 Model of the U.S. Navy Heavy Cruiser "Augusta"

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A fine and rare period 1930s model of the USN Heavy Cruiser "AUGUSTA". This beautiful and highly detailed waterline model, portraying the vessel cruising at sea, is completely constructed of brass! Brass sheet and plate had to be cut, pierced, formed and soldered to construct every element of this model from the basic hull form to the smallest detail of the ship's launch and bridge. A very high level of metal work expertise and craftsmanship was required to form the hundreds of parts needed and assemble them into this impressive model of one of the most famous U.S.Navy vessels of the twentiety century.

The model was painted in the correct colors of the period and the brass 'seaway' was formed and painted to represent 'AGUSTA' underway at sea. The model is displayed on its original mahogany base with brass rail and posts made from US .30 caliber cartridges. The interior of the hull retains its original fittings for small electric lights which creates a fine effect at night.

We believe, given the quality and detail, that this most impressive and attractive model of 'AGUSTA' may well have been created as a presentation piece by a professional metalworker who was a specialist at a dockyard, or aboard the ship.

The fine and rare modelof a famous ship is in excellent condition complete to its thin wire rigging and signal flags. It would be a fine piece for a collector of naval americana and/or marine antiques.


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Base: 41" x 10" Model only: 36" x 4" x 13"h.
Price: $2250.00 NEW LOWER PRICE $1950.00