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Exceptional Vintage 'Class A' 1920s Pond Yacht Model

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One of the most impressive vintage 1920s original 'Class A'American pond yachts, with eight foot mast, one would ever hope to see.

'Class A' models were the largest pond yachts raced in American competition from the 1920s into the period before WW-II. Competetive model yacht racing became popular in America in the 1880s. Model yacht clubs were formedin cities and towns, 'Class' rules adopted, and the races held in Boston and NYC created excitement and attracted large crowds well into the 1930s. The design features of these models and stories of their competitions were taken seriously and featured in national yachting publications of the period.

This model is exceptional in that very few original vintage 'Class A' models have survived. Fewer still have come down in the fine original condition of this beautiful model which exhibits excellent hull lines, original brass mountings, and its original finely crafted sails with original club burgee! The rigging also appears to be original. In addition the hull - appearing to have been formed from one large pine block - and deck retain their original finish and untouched surface which is remarkable for a model built to be used in hard competition.

This most impressive pond yacht was discovered in the Newport, Rhode Island area - which was for many years (and we hope will again be) home to the famous 'America's Cup' international yacht races.

Our ninety year old American 'Class A' sailer has evidently led a charmed life and we would like it to go to a collector or institution that appreciates its beauty, history, and remarkable state of preservation.

Dimensions: overall height 101", length 77", beam 11 1/2"

Price: $6350.00