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Fine Antique relief carved American Powder Horn

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Handsome nineteenth century American relief carved powder horn. Antique American relief carved horns are not common due to the considerable amount of skill and work it took to make one.
This is a good sized horn with a very pleasing form. The body has two wide relief carved bands going to octagonal section and then to several flutes qas the horn narrows to its spout. The maker created a very well proportioned horn. The carved plug appears to be walnut.
Over the years we have seen pictures of a couple of powder horns of this style being described as Appalachian in origin, perhaps comming from Tennessee.

This horn is in fine condition with very attractive age patina. There is what appears to us to be some insect damage on areas at the top of the horn where the plug is attached. the spout has a walnut stopper that shows considerable age.
A very nice powder horn for the collector of Appalachian rifles, or Americana in general.

Dimensions: aprox. length 12", around the outside curve 15", plug diameter aprox 3 1/4"

Price: $375.00


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