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English Victorian Telescope on Stand, J. H. Steward, London, ca.1890

A fine English Victorian brass telescope on stand by the nated London maker, J. H. Steward who entered business in 1856 and became optician to Queen Victoria's government, The British National Rifle Association, and the National Artillery Asscoiation. It is believed he ceased operation around 1900.

Fine telescopes of this type were popular with astronomers, naturalists, military officers, and could be found set up in libraries, studies, etc. in fine homes on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

This telescope is a fine example of its type with brass body and mountings set on a mahogany tripod. The telescope is at least fifty power and the optics are in good condition. This telescope is also fitted with a smaller 'spotting-scope'.

During their actiove period of use these instruments were used both indoors and outside - some were taken on scientific expeditions. This instrument shows use with some minor handling wear. This is a fine and very attractive piece for the collector, or anyone wanting to display a fine antique optical instrument.

The objective lens is 3" in diameter and the main barrel is 37" long.

Priced reasonably at $1950.00