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Fine Antique Floor Standing Telescope
With 'Field Mounting' tripod, 1830 - 1850

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An especially handsome Anglo American 'Field Telescope' of the period 1830 - 1850. The unsigned telescope, of either English, or American manufacture is built in the early 19th century manner with leather covered mahogany barrel and brass ends . The front mounting holds the top quality 2 1/2" objective lens, and the rear mounting contains the draw tube with additional lenses and fine focus adjustment.

Field telescopes of this type were built for high ranking military officer's to survey battlefields and operations and for heavy artillery regiments to range in on targets. Telescopes like this were also favored by early explorers and naturalists on expeditions into the wilderness. Their heavy leather coverings and rapid tripod mounting design were intended to facilitate use in difficult environments and poor weather conditions. The sometimes rough service these instruments saw has made early 'Field Telescopes' quite scarce in today's collector market.

This fine scope is at least 40 power and in excellent condition. with clear optics and sharp focus. The barrel's original textured leather covering is excellent with original surface. The brass surfaces are excellent with fine age patina and original lens cover.

The very finely built tripod with field mount trough and brass securing bands for the telescope is in excellent condition with height extension facility for astronomical observation. The 'V' shaped field mount cradle has brass straps for securing the telescope. The tripod retains its original 'faded mahogany' finish.

A beautiful and impressive early instrument built for use in adventurous situations that would look great and function well in the library or living room of a marine, military, or scientific instrument collector.

Dimensions: telescope length 43", objective lens diameter 2 1/2", tripod legs 51"

Price: $2750.00

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