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Live Steam Tug Boat Model, Vintage 1940
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We are pleased to offer this fine vintage 1940 live steam powered model of an American Harbor Tug.

Due to the charm and character of these vessels high quality accurate models of American tugs have been very popular for over a hundred years. Live steam powered models are considered the top-of-the-line, and those predating 1950 are quite scarce - especially in the compact size and excellent original condition of this one.

The model is a very finely made example of a type of vessel used extensively in American ports until replaced by deisel powered types in the 1950s. The steam tugs were powerful small vessels used for docking large ships and moving all sorts of barges, etc. around harbors.

This tug is based on designs of the 1940 period and the model was constructed at that time. It is powered by a one cylinder steam engine feeding from a copper boiler covered by a metal housing. The engine drives a brass three blade propeller.

The hull is especially well carved from pine and has excellent lines. The hull retains nearly all its original paint finish. the hull has a small brass ring on the starboard side of the hull for steaming on a tether line which was a popular way of controling powered marine models before the days of radio control. The rudder is adjustable by hand with a locking nut.The deck is mahogany with brass fittings and retains all its original varnish finish.

The deck house has brass fittings including a double railing and is fitted with ship's boat and proper davits. The metal funnel exhausts heat from the boiler while the engine exhaust is piped out the side of the hull. Deck house, pilot house and funnel retain nearly all their original paint.

This very handsome and high quality tug model is in overall excellent original condition with original surface. It is also in a seldom seen easily displayable scale for the collector.

Dimensions: 26" long, 16" high, 7" beam

Price: $1950.00

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